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By | May 1, 2020

Zain Call Packages.Zain Call Packages & Local & International Packages.Friends today I will tell you locally call packages Local International Packages. Friends will also find you local and the internet will also get you and call packages internet. And also if you use Zain  sim then read this article carefully .And if you are in Saudi So if you want to call any country.Check New Zain Call Packages Here.



And you want to call Pakistan or want to work in another country then, of course, you can because you get a lot of call packages and internet. MS is the only child can do

Zain Call Packages From Pakistan

Friends today I will tell you the treasure call packages from Pakistan If you live in Saudi Arabia use mind beans as well as would like to call Pakistan then you can also get any SMS and You are also getting the SMS Offer you can call Pakistan. You can also call any other country which is the new offer of this design and it is providing you. You can now check new Zain Internet packages in All Saudi Arabia with fastest speed

Zain Call Package From Pakistan 1 Day

Friends If you want to package Zain call packages to Pakistan for one day, then exactly the friends you can apply if you want to call in Pakistan it will cost 35 SR and it is a holiday and so on for one day. Will tell you.

Minutes Of This Package

Price (SAR)




1 Day

  • Activation Code Of zain to Pakistan Call Package Code            9201 
  • Deactivation Code of this package                                               C9201
  • Auto-Cancellation code of this packaged                                  AC9201

Zain Call Package From Pakistan 7 Day

Friends today I do not know the rumor Zain call package for bad Pakistan Electricity If you should send packages SMS to live in Saudi Arabia, if you want to make a call in Pakistan then all you can do is provide it to you and you.

Is So friends like this you got 200 minutes any country in Pakistan you can call and 30 Saudi rials you are getting this for a week then let me know below if you want to activate. I’ll tell you that too, and get this Zain New offer unique. Zain Internet Offers very Unique Prepiad and Postpaid Packages incheap rate available.

To Activate this package type S9202 To 9202
To Deactivate This Package Type CS9202 to 9202

Monthly Zain Call Package From Pakistan

Friends, if you want to package a month, you can spend exactly that, so in sixty terms you will need this package and it will be four hundred and four hundred minutes for 20 days. I will tell you if you ever want to do it, I will also let you down In Very Easy.

To Activate this package type S9203 To 9203
To Deactivate This Package Type CS9203 to 9203

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