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By | March 30, 2020

If you also live in Sri Lanka and you have a degree in education and are looking for a job. then we have brought you the best job today. There is a Topjobs that you can easily achieve in Sri Lanka. Now. first of all, tell you what information technology is.

What is an information technology Topjobs

What does information technology mean to the world? You have information about the machinery coming in. Many countries around the world have made a lot of progress. including mobile phone computers. And great technology is invented. You need to know about all of them and then you have to tell certain people about all of their current information. so that they can know the information and make it better for the company going forward.

Make good policies so that they can compete with all the industries and technologies of the world over time. We are going to give you more information about how much you should have and how much you want to be a celebrity. This is all the information we have to see for you. And many Top Jobs in various sectors available.

More Detail About This Topjobs

  • Company  IDM Nations Campus
  • Locations Gampaha
  • Country   Srilanka
  • salary  Competitive
  • Time Jobs  full time


Requirements Of Information Technology Top Jobs

  • If you want to get this job you need to have a BSc or IT degree.
  • To get this job you have to come from English very well so that your speaking style is good.
  • Because it is a degree of information technology. you should be very knowledgeable about programming about software engineering and whatever database it is you should come in well and most importantly all these courses. You have to come to the language of the language
  • If you already have experience in your education you will be given the first priority for this job.
  • If you are from the Ghampah city of Sri Lanka, you will be given more priority
  • You can Apply from here Top Jobs

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