How to join chatave?

By | March 30, 2020

Welcome! Here we tell some methods and process, if you a new and not have knowledge about how to join chat avenue? Don’t be worries you are at good place, you just follow the given guidance. All you have to do is to open website and type your nickname as a guest. So just hit enter to join this #1 chat ave chat room. You can find many users here talking to each other.

There are two types of chat rooms that are public and private. Anyone can join a public chat room but not join anyone private chat room. If you not process of joining chat room then just follow given steps.

  • 1st you go to the Messaging tab on resource panel.
  • 2nd you tap Rooms and tap Add.
  • 2nd last tap Join
  • Last tap public rooms you want to join chatrandom also.and tap Add. You can use search to look for a specific room.

Joining a private chat room

You can join a private chat room; first you have to addhimself as a member. Also you automatically join room when Room Owner invites you and private room is shown in Rooms section of the Messages tab with a dot to indicate that it is new. If you leave a private chat room and want to rejoin, you need to be invited to the room again.

Joining a public chat room

If you can join existing public chat rooms that were created by the one of your Buddies. Anyone in a public chat room can invite people to join room. Invitation is sent as an IM to each person invited. Anyone can join public chat rooms and free to text any one but make sure you must follow the rules of this chat avenue. All features are just for you and the user friendly things are very important.

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