How to get free coin master spins

By | March 27, 2020

If you are an active player of this game and need to get unlimited free spins to complete village levels. There are lots of ways to get unlimited free spins. Today, I will explain some tricks by which you get free spins.
By Using modded apps:
Modded apps is the popular options to getting coin master free spins. These apps offer unlimited coin master free spins and unlimited coins. To run the modded apps, you need to uninstall the coin master from your phones and connect it with your face book account. You just use one face book account and get Coin Master Free Spins. These modded apps just show unlimited free spins and coins but you not get all these spins.  It just makes you happy by showing unlimited free spins, nothing else.

By Inviting face book friends:
The other option to get unlimited free spins is by inviting your Facebook friends. Coin master allows to invite other peoples to join this game. Once they accept your invitation and start to playing this game the user get 25 spins. Which means if you invite 10 peoples you get 250 free spins. A lot of articles about creating fake Facebook accounts and earn spins. But am never tells you any cheating. They are all useless tricks to get spins.

Join Coin master Trading groups on Facebook:
This is another way to get unlimited free spins,  where you join coin master trading groups on Facebook and their trade cards with them. If you are new in this game, you may continue on Facebook and join trading groups. You can follow the coin master official page or twitter and Instagram for a daily free coin master spin link.
The other way to get free spins and coins is when you login you will get option of reward calendar which will give you daily free spins, coins, XP,
 cards etc.

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