How To Check Query Iqama Expiry Service?

By | April 30, 2020

Hi Friends today i am here to discuss about the Best way to checkĀ  Query iqama expiry Service. Basically this is the service which helps the peoples of Saudi Arabia to check their iqama finished date.

Dear friends the expiry date is very important date, because if your iqama end then few issue created for expats. The Expats pay the Double of their fee. So must care about the renewal of your iqama.

The renwal fee is different for Every year. If someone can’t renew it within the three days of expiration then fine will be applied on the Expats. This fine is double of your renewal fee. So renew and time and save your money going into waste. Click here to Iqama expiry Check

There are few ways to check the Query. The first way is the Absher way. Follow these steps to know about the checking procedure.

Step#1: Enter the in URl bar and search it. Create account on it. Click here to Learn Absher Registration & Login

Step#2: Follow all these guideline and login Successfully. After login the “My Account” option available in the right Corner. Below this option the Search bar present.

Step#3: In the search bar put iqama expiry and click to search it. Now the two option available about iqama details. Two option present . Click on right or Left arrow. See the Query iqama expiry and click on it.

Step#4: The forum of filling login . Fill it like the iqama number and Image captcha. Click on view option. In this way to can check the complete query about iqama expiry. For any issue visit this Query iqama expiry service

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