Big ticket BMW SERIES 11 Draw Date

By | March 29, 2020

Hi guys, today I will tell you about the Big Ticket BMW Draw. When will the BMW Series draw be done, I will tell you all the things. You have to stay with us and you have to read the post very seriously, after that you will understand that the Big Ticket BMW Series 11 will be captured I will tell you everything.

Big ticket BMW Draw Date

Big ticket BMW SERIES 11 Draw Date

Hello friends, now I will tell you how you can see the Big Ticket draw. Whenever the ticket is drawn, then as you know, on April 3, One Million Big K draw is done, then apart from that I will tell you. If you are a BMW Series 11 when it will be drawn then yes friends will be drawn on May 3, 2020, if you want to see it.

then come on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram L will play live will be broadcast live, if you want to watch, you can watch then friends, another bad news has come as you know that nowadays Kovid-19 has caused a lot of stir and it spread a lot. Has spread all over the world, so Abu Dhabi International Airport has been closed due to this.

due to which it cannot take tickets there and maybe there is scary if you want to see it draw. If you can watch it live by going on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. First of all, if you want to watch, then you can see 20 million, 20 billion is fine, then I take you ticket and if you do not know how to propose then I am here The website is giving you a go and you can see everything you can purchase online tickets from here.

Hope you have understood all the things, I would like to tell you again in search that the BMW Series will be drawn on May 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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